Why TowRecruiters?: A Letter from President Kent Anderson

April 2nd, 2018

Dear Friend,

I’ve been asked many times, “Why Tow Recruiter?  What’s so different about it from every other recruitment agency?”

To start things off… We are SOLELY focused on the Towing Industry.

This is BIG because we are always circulating within OUR Industry. We are always networking and marketing to those who are involved in Towing in some form or fashion. We BELIEVE in THIS Industry and know that WE are a vital part of FIRST RESPONDERS!

It is NOT the goal or intention of Tow Recruiter to poach drivers or any talented employees from one company to fill the needs of another. Instead, our primary goal is to infuse new blood into OUR Industry. We want to find, direct and train new and motivated Career Seekers who want to be a part of this exciting Industry and be proud to be part of a Skilled Trade!

Another question that is asked, “How do you plan to get results that we can’t?”

We are stepping out of the box, we are attempting things NEVER attempted before, we are making connections that have never connected before. We believe in this Industry, we believe there are better ways to do things, we KNOW that there are dynamic individuals in this Industry that can and will work together to make this Industry shine. Sounds good, but what actions are we taking?

Here are some strategic relationships we are currently developing:

  • Military Transitioning businesses where we are attending live and virtual Job Fairs to attract new talent and have access to their candidate database to search for related experience.
  • Tow Training businesses where we can send new candidates for initial training and an understanding of this Industry
  • CDL Training Schools to capture new talent that didn’t know they could continue their training in the Towing Industry instead of over the road
  • Marketing firms that know how to use the latest technology and strategies to over turn every rock to find that “diamond in the ruff”
  • National job boards for ultimate exposure but WE sift thru those candidates for you who come from those “generic” (non-towing) job boards in order to find ONLY those that truly want to get into OUR Industry.
  • Tow Shows and Industry publications that allow us to gain more information and ideas as to how Tow Recruiter can help in the hiring process.
  • National and State Towing Association memberships allow us to be aware of and support causes throughout the Industry
    National Background, Drug Screening and HR Companies will allow us to assist you in the vetting process of candidates

We also continue to develop new tools and automation thru our website (www.towrecruiter.com) that will allow you to connect with these Career Seekers, giving you the ability to make better hiring decisions and find your specific “career-oriented” employee. Whether you’re looking for a Driver, Dispatcher, Mechanic or Customer Service Rep, we are here to help! We don’t want to be a cost to you, we want to be a value.

Our Friends at WreckMaster recently said it well, “We are Building the Tow Industry of Tomorrow” and “We’re Changing the way the World Looks at the Tow Industry”. We’d love for you to join us in our efforts!

Thank you,

Kent Anderson