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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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General Information

Tow Recruiter LLC

2215 East Market Street, Suite 100

York, PA 17402

Toll Free: (844) 4TOW JOBS or (844) 486-9562
Call us: (315) TOW JOBS or (315) 869-5627

Email: info@towrecruiter.affinigent.net

We bet you won’t… BUT, just in case, you can always Unsubscribe thru any email or thru your Dashboard

Our Goal is to connect the Towing Industry… we network with Nationwide & State Towing Associations, Individual Towing Operations, people in the industry, we go to the Tow Shows and get feedback from YOU!

Tell us what you need… what you like or don’t like… we are here to make the hiring process a little less painful!

Do this thru your Employer Dashboard under Company Profile

You can do this thru your Employer Dashboard, Company Profile and Payment Options

Request this thru your Dashboard or email / call us. Terms & Conditions Apply

No, we offer packages by time frame only, Monthly or Annual

Absolutely! We have both Monthly and Annual plans!

No, though we can provide you with a printable online invoice to account for the expense.

Job Seeker

It depends on your search criteria and filtering matches. Also some job posters may pay a little bit more to get more candidates to see.

Only those you approve to see

Our staff verifies your information then posts it LIVE. You will receive a confirmation email

1st, Register… it’s a low cost, one-time fee for a Lifetime Membership… then, click “Candidates” and search thru our job data base either thru our map or job lists. Our search functionality will lead you to the right place!

Complete 100% of your profile, INCLUDE your photo and if you want, pay a small fee to be a Featured Candidate

Yes… just a low cost, one-time fee!

Absolutely, we are mobile friendly!

Absolutely! Look at the map OR type in your desired location

Yes, you can delete, archive or edit

Managing Candidates


You will be alerted via email or you can see this thru your Employer Dashboard

Managing Jobs

Basic job description… Full-time or Part-time… Primary role(s)

NO! Who wants to keep track of that?! It’s unlimited!

Depends… Until you fill the job, your membership expires or you remove it, whichever comes 1st

Update your “Date Posted” date

Thru your Job Dashboard… simply select close this job

Fill out the job profile 100%, fill out your Company Profile so candidates know who they are applying to, Include a photo that represents your company, List your compensation, you may want to consider posting as a “Featured Job”!

Managing Users

Email us at info@towrecruiter.affinigent.net and request the change, or call us if that’s easier!

Go to your Dashboard and Delete the User (as long as you have Admin Rights)

Go to your Employer Dashboard and click “Company Profile”

Go to Employers, Click on “Job Dashboard” and ADD User

Yes! Simply add them into your account thru your Employer Dashboard

Posting Jobs

Yes, 1st Register and select what membership fits best for you, then you’re ready!

Unlimited for the time frame that you chose!


Go to “Employers”, then click “Post a Job”, simply fill out the posting form, you can be done in minutes!

No, we network within OUR industry to not “muddy” the waters

Posting Resume

We’ve tried to include as many categories as possible, if you see another opportunity, let us know and we will add it!

Click “Candidates”, then click “Submit Your Resume”, then simply fill in the blanks. We do the rest!

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