About Blystone Towing & Radiator

We are a growing family owned and operated towing and repair business.  We have been in the same location since 1950.  We are looking to expand our operations and continue to grow our business.  We have a fleet of 5 heavy duty tow trucks, 1 medium duty tow truck, 1 light duty tow truck, and 4 light/medium duty flatbeds.  We also have 3 road service shop trucks as well as several semi trucks and trailers.  We also have a 16 bay repair facility at our location.  We work closely with local, county and state law enforcement as well as many large companies in the surrounding area and nationwide.

  • Tow Truck Operator

    Blystone Towing & Radiator Blystone Towing & Radiator
    Portage WI
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    • 2 years ago